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Patrick R. Galloway analyzes investments, site location, market penetration, climatic change, long and short-term population growth, fertility, and mortality. His clients are from both the public and private sectors, and include the National Academy of Sciences, the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development, the Max Planck Institute, the University of California, and large and small businesses.  Detailed digital topographic maps are available for the entire eastern Mediterranean: Albania 1:50,000; Greece 1:50,000; Turkey 1:100,000; Cyprus 1:200,000; Syria 1:100,000; Lebanon 1:100,000; Israel Gaza Golan West Bank 1:50,000; Jordan and West Bank 1:100,000; Iraq 1:100,000; Kuwait 1:100,000; Iran 1:200,000; and Egypt 1:200,000.

Patrick R. Galloway publishes articles in numerous journals, including Population Studies, Demography, Population and Development Review, European Journal of Population, and Climatic Change. His work is published in books by the National Academy of Sciences, Oxford University Press, and Presses Universitaires de France.  He reviews articles and books for the journals Demography, Mathematical Population Studies, Population Studies, Demographic Research, Explorations in Economic History, European Review of Economic History, Climatic Change, and University of California Press. He has B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees from the University of California, Berkeley. 

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