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Galloway Prussia Database 1861 to 1914


As a result of numerous inquiries, I have made available my set of Prussia data files.  The following files contain data I use in my publications about Prussia. I include the Prussia Code Book updated to 2007. Download.     Each page provides information about one or more data files.  It usually includes a copy of a page from the source book for the first record, usually Memel. 


It might be helpful to the user to have access to the original source volumes, should questions about interpretation arise. The user might want to look at "Fertility decline in Prussia 1875 to 1910: a pooled cross-section time series analysis", Population Studies, 1994, vol. 48, no. 1, pp. 135-158. Download. My succinct description of the Prussia data set is included in it, along with an application of the data set to the study of fertility decline in Prussia between 1875 and 1910.

I created an inventory of the socioeconomic data that I found useful in Preussische Statistik, Statistik des Deutschen Reichs, and other official publications of the time in "Prussia vital registration and census data description tables 1849 to 1914 using Kreise and cities >20,000 as units of analysis", 1988, updated in 2007. Download.


Only a very small portion of the total data available in the volumes of  Preussische Statistik, Statistik des Deutschen Reichs, and other official publications has been made machine-readable.

The following are the original files created by Patrick R. Galloway and referenced in the Prussia Code Book.  Using Firefox browser, right-click on any file and save it to your computer.  Alternatively, you may download all the .DB files to your computer as one zip file Download.  When on your computer, the .DB files can be opened using Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access.  There are 114 data files.  Each file is in binary format and averages about 118 kb in size.  You should check the integrity of a file by matching its file size in bytes with the file size in bytes as shown in the Prussia Code Book.  They should match exactly. 

If you cannot open the .DB files you may download all the files in .XLS format to your computer as one zip file Download.

The data may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of Patrick R. Galloway.

Please use this citation if you use the data: Galloway, Patrick R., 2007, "Galloway Prussia Database 1861 to 1914",


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Note:   To those who have asked,  I have no idea what data files are available from the University of California, nor do I have any idea about their quality, or if they have been corrupted, changed, amended, lost, or truncated.  Please direct questions about data obtained from the University of California to workers at the University of California.   I should also note that in September 2010, while reviewing a paper for a publication, I came across a reference to an undated and unpaginated report with my name on it as a co-author.   The last I looked, the title was something like "Report on the Project: Economic and Cultural Factors in Demographic Behavior". The source was a link found on a University of California web page.  Whoever wrote the report (a kind of summary) put my name on it as co-author without my knowledge.  In fact, I had never read or seen the report.  As it turns out, the report has a number of errors and unsubstantiated claims.  I suggest that anyone interested in fertility decline in Prussia read the published articles.


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